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About Bay Tree VA
What can I expect from a Bay Tree VA team member?

The calibre of our team members is one thing that sets us apart. Traits we look for in our team members include:

Personality: calm, capable and friendly with a can-do attitude
Attitude: self-motivated, disciplined and conscientious; they are happy in their own company but also team players.
Experience: will have PA/senior secretarial experience or have assisted senior management.

We have honed our selection process so that we choose the most versatile and experienced candidates to join our team and support your company. The process has been designed to reassure you that your business will be in safe hands and our VAs have completed the following process.
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Why should I choose Bay Tree VA?

We know it can be difficult to differentiate between companies, click here to find out why you can feel confident partnering with us.

Reasons why you can feel confident partnering with us:

  • Our selection process means that we’ve done the search & sift process for you
  • We’re not just ‘virtual’ but can meet for briefings and accompany you to events
  • Back-up support when your Bay Tree VA is on holiday etc.
  • Information or introductions which might be helpful to you
  • A bank of skills from other team members you can draw upon
  • Your Bay Tree VA becomes a key part of your team

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Where do we start : let’s talk

Jane Cattermole - Founder &
Managing Director
Fiona Portway - Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

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