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The art of minute-taking

Over the last few months we’ve had a noticeable increase in minute-taking work – for Board meetings, grievance or disciplinary hearings.  In addition to our expertise, the benefit of having one of our Bay Tree VAs take minutes is that we can provide an external, impartial record of the meeting. Reflecting on years of minute-taking … Continued

Will you get to ‘switch off’ this summer?

With articles about digital detoxes, FOMO (the fear of missing out) and books such as Catherine Price’s How to Break Up with your Phone, it’s not surprising that devices can turn holidays into a working day in a more exotic location. With warmer weather enticing us out of the office, it is important to recognise … Continued

A virtual take on productivity

I attended a presentation recently which looked at business growth in East Anglia, but also touched on national productivity. It was sobering to realise that the UK is behind Italy in the European stakes of productivity. With record levels of employment, it gives food for thought as to how small businesses can resource that crucial growth … Continued

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