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We talk through what you are struggling with and what you need assistance with.  We will then introduce you to one of our BTVAs for a complimentary chemistry meeting.  When you are happy, you sign our Service Form and then you are ready to make a start!

We have a good practice sheet that you can use as a reference guide if you are new to working with a VA, otherwise after setting up access to files and providing an e-mail address for your BTVA, you start to assign tasks, projects or areas of work to for your BTVA to complete.

Cloud software is used so that information is securely shared with you and your colleagues e.g. using Dropbox or Google Drive.   Equally, if preferred, a VPN connection can be set up so that your BTVA can securely access your own internal shared systems.  (NB: VPNs are usually set up with the help of IT support so that relevant permissions and access can be granted.)  With regards to e-mail, we can be assigned an e-mail address and will create an e-signature so that we follow your corporate style and blend into your team.

We break our service into three categories: task-orientated, relationship-driven and add-on services:

  • Task-orientated – this covers tasks that are delegated to your BTVA to complete as and when necessary. These may include: updating CRM systems, making monthly telephone calls to customers, project work, compiling and formatting documents, minute taking etc.
  • Relationship-driven – this is a PA/Executive Assistant role which is much more varied with a keener understanding of your business and how you like to work. Your BTVA’s co-ordination and organisational skills are utilised and there is a closer working relationship.
  • Add-on services – these cover bookkeeping, financial forecasting, telephone answering and other specialist areas which we can help with.

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Jane Cattermole - Founder &
Managing Director
Fiona Portway - Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

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