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Virtual assistant service for business leaders in Norfolk

Leaders guiding, inspiring and making large scale decisions

Whether a senior manager in a corporate environment, influencer, key decision maker or charity founder, your Bay Tree VA has your back. Traditionally, leaders in organisations would be supported by a personal assistant but this arrangement has been somewhat superseded with a fractional support role. A morning 1-2-1 planning meeting where tasks are delegated, appointments confirmed, presentations signed off for example and the opportunity to flex the resource and dial down when necessary can be extremely cost effective.  Having a Bay Tree VA as a floating resource for key projects or assisting during busy times such as trade shows or product launches can also be a reassuring back up. 

Making things happen

Your BTVA can:

  • mastermind awards & accreditations
  • oversee office relocation or house move
  • arrange implementation of new systems & training
  • organise & coordinate events, conference & workshops
  • prepare product launches
  • conduct data cleansing
  • co-ordinate new branding/website rollouts
  • plan, oversee & deliver virtually anything….

Feel more organised, gain more time

Your BTVA will be:

  • a wrangler & manager of e-mails
  • a time protector & head-space creator!
  • a compiler, overseer & completer of To Do lists
  • a collaborator, working together to achieve joint goals
  • an intelligent resource to talk ideas through with
  • a planner, assembler & note-taker for meetings
  • an accountability partner
  • a lifestyle administrator

Norfolk success stories

The main benefit is you’re getting an intelligent but affordable resource. Our Bay Tree VA makes suggestions and offers solutions. She gives her thoughts based on experience from working in other situations which is really helpful. [Louise] is now a trusted colleague and sounding board who can put up with my sense of humour and somewhat creative style of management. For me, that’s the value of a Bay Tree VA.

Richard Turvill – Managing Director, Swiss & Camplings Laundry

Having a Bay Tree VA is integral to my business. Attention to detail, organisational skills and proofreading ability are vital so, being dyslexic myself, I need another pair of eyes and another pair of hands. My Bay Tree VA supports me in liaising with clients, ensures all reports go out error-free and, most importantly, she understands me and the value of what I do for children’s learning. I couldn’t do what I do without her.

Zoë Brown – Founder and Dyslexia Specialist, Mancroft Learning

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