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We have a variety of clients, all with differing needs. Traditionally, we worked with senior management teams and businesses experiencing rapid growth but wanting to keep overheads low.

Today, we speak in terms of fractional support, also working with managed associations, entrepreneurs, consultants and business coaches who encourage their clients to start with a flexible and versatile resource as a business grows. We provide the help required, when needed, on a part time basis, customised as a fractional service – regular, ongoing and consistent but only for a certain number of hours per week or days per month.

Consultants – you are in demand. We can help you meet that demand.

However well organised you are, there are only so many hours in a day. We can be your virtual office support with our 1-2-1 support so you can concentrate on providing your service and winning new business. As an example, consider a consultant who charges £1k a day. For the price of one day’s work, we can provide over 30 hrs of assistance. You will be amazed at the volume of operational support we can get through in that time.

The Entrepreneur – bursting with ideas and creativity

High growth start-ups need focus and rarely is the required support resource clearly defined at the outset. Keeping any infrastructure to a minimum and overheads low is key, particularly at the growth stage of the business life cycle. An entrepreneurial client will often admit to not being a great completer/finisher and can find routine tasks a distraction, preferring to concentrate on the specific product, area of expertise, funding, research or new markets for example. We can help with all the operational support you want to delegate. Some of our best success stories have come from working 1-2-1 with entrepreneurs, helping them make their ideas a reality.

Leaders guiding, inspiring and making large scale decisions

Whether a senior manager in a corporate environment, influencer, key decision maker or charity founder, your Bay Tree VA has your back. Traditionally, leaders in organisations would be supported by a personal assistant but this arrangement has been somewhat superseded with a fractional support role. A morning 1-2-1 planning meeting where tasks are delegated, appointments confirmed, presentations signed off for example and the opportunity to flex the resource and dial down when necessary can be extremely cost effective.  Having a Bay Tree VA as a floating resource for key projects or assisting during busy times such as trade shows or product launches can also be a reassuring back up. 

The Board – overarching support for the senior management team

With today’s technology organisations are much leaner and have cut back on administrative support. However, there are times when they could really do with extra help as some tasks just don’t fit into current role descriptions or there are specific projects, such as an office move or implementation of new systems & processes that add to the resourcing burden.  Keeping close to the Board and involved in the business by taking minutes at meetings, providing cover and managing specific projects is smart resourcing – no formal job description, no fixed hours, but experience and an added skill set to your team without the overhead.  A Bay Tree VA is also discreet and can work in a confidential manner which is often advantageous for clients at this level.

Associations – helping to provide a better experience for your members

We recognise that a lot of membership organisations are run by teams of enthusiastic volunteers – directors of the organisations who give their time freely, often already working very hard, going the extra mile with a passion for the cause. The phrase ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person’ often comes to mind. From our own experience we know there are times when the joy of taking on a role can turn into too much of a burden, particularly when other responsibilities and the day job are pulling you in all directions. Bay Tree is a team of ‘busy people’ who can support your membership organisation. As well as our range of membership services, we are fully trained in the JustGo membership software and can provide management resource too.

What are the benefits to our clients?

  • Scalable and flexible assistance
  • Remote workforce, no need to expand your office space
  • It’s a managed service
  • Develop and maintain systems and processes
  • Save time delegating tasks you don’t enjoy
  • Focus on what’s important to the strategic success of your business
  • Feel more organised knowing you have capable and professional assistanceas needed
  • Gain a better work / life balance
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