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Who are our clients?

Our clients fall into a wide range of professional categories. Here we’ve singled out a few – which one are you?

"Growing fast? Work smarter."

Meet Steve – he is a driven entrepreneur, full of ideas with not enough hours in the day. He is aware that he is not a completer/finisher, but that is where we come in. Steve is focussed on developing his product with research and development, grant funds and exploring new markets for his product. As a high-growth start-up he is working towards a clear point of exit so he can move on to his next venture. As such, he wants to keep any infrastructure to a minimum and doesn’t want to be distracted by unnecessary overheads or the responsibility of staff. We work closely with Steve, helping with the myriad of tasks so that he can remain focussed on achieving his end goal.

SMT & Co
"Looking for extra resource to complement your staff?"

SMT & Co. is an established company with staff. However, they run a lean organisation and have cut back on administrative support. That said, there are times when they could really do with extra help as some tasks just don’t fit into current role descriptions. This could involve taking minutes at meetings, overarching support for the senior management team, being a floating resource for key project personnel or assisting during particularly busy times of year e.g. around trade shows or product launches. Having that back office support - without adding to the headcount or having to find additional space - is reassuring and a way to show staff that their time and specialism is valued.

"You’re in demand. We can help you meet it."

"Meet Harriet – she is a professional consultant and well regarded in her field. She is people orientated, taking an interest in those around her. A very good communicator, she is also organised and clear about what she wants to achieve. The trouble is she’s reaching capacity and needs to find extra time to remain focussed on what she’s good at. Harriet charges £1k a day. For the price of one day’s work, Harriet can get over 30 hrs worth of assistance. You’ll be amazed at the volume of work we can get through in that time.

"A ready-made team is waiting for you."

Meet James – he has been in senior management for many years but has now left mainstream corporate life and is using his business acumen as an investor, Non- Executive Director or Chairman of various companies. He is used to delegating and knows his areas of expertise. James knows how he wants to use his time — doing things he enjoys, whether business related or spending time with family, friends, travelling or supporting his favourite football or rugby team! James isn’t used to doing administrative and bookkeeping tasks and is more than happy to pay for someone else to do them. We do all the ‘back office’ administration, keeping James organised so he continues to project the professional image he is used to and can spend time doing what he enjoys.

What are the benefits to our clients?

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Jane Cattermole
Founder & Managing Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

Where do we start : let’s talk

Lisa Hamon
Business Development

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