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Louise, Jane and Paula - Leadership team

Why should I choose Bay Tree VA

The benefits of using our time-saving virtual assistant service include:

Our Company

  • We listen to understand what stage you’ve reached and the support you are looking for
  • We take you through the matching process
  • Our selection process means we’ve done the search & sift process for you
  • Information or introductions which might be helpful for you
  • A bank of skills from other team members you can draw upon
  • Back up support for when your VA is on holiday
  • More ‘hands to the deck’ for multiple projects or as your company grows
  • Training sessions for our VAs to share good practice and learn about key cloud-based tools
  • Comprehensive legal documentation and adherence to industry standards
  • We have an ongoing relationship with you to ensure you get the best out of your VA and that we adjust our service as your company requirement changes

Your VA

  • You Bay Tree VA becomes a key part of your team:
    • Someone you can delegate to with confidence
    • Meaningful point of contact for your clients/customers and suppliers
    • A sounding board to clarify and stimulate thinking on day-to-day issues
  • Your Bay Tree VA is not just ‘virtual’ but can meet for briefings or accompany you to events

Interested? : let's talk

Where do we start : let’s talk

Jane Cattermole
Founder & Managing Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

Where do we start : let’s talk

Lisa Hamon
Business Development

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