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why : bay tree VA?

Louise, Jane and Paula - Leadership team

Bay Tree VA is an experienced team of executive virtual assistants. With a calm, capable and can-do attitude, we have been supporting business owners, leaders and senior management teams since 2008.

Our experience and size allows us to work as your virtual working partners, identifying what you want to achieve and providing practical solutions so that your work flows more efficiently and you gain more time. In addition to one-to-one assistance, we offer organisations a virtual back-office team or secretariat solution. We also work with business coaches and consultants to help their clients work on the business, rather than work in the business.

Clients come to us at different times for many different reasons. We can be a short term fix, or a long term solution. As the world of work continues to change, so does the way to resource and develop your business. Flexible and reliable, Bay Tree VA is standing by.

3 good reasons to choose Bay Tree VA


VA -v- Home/hybrid employee

  • 100% productivity
  • a flexible sounding board
  • managed externally
  • discreet
  • no job description
  • no recruitment fees
  • no benefits package
  • psychometrically matched
  • experienced remote worker


The intelligent resource

Our VAs are of the highest calibre, often having had successful businesses and careers of their own. They are chosen after a rigorous interview process and psychometric testing.

Self starters, with a can-do attitude are ready to bring an extra pair of hands to your organisation.


Good outcomes

Build a relationship with your Bay Tree VA and share your goals from the outset.

Our mission is to be recognised as a market leader, championing flexible working that meets the desired work/life balance for both client and VA.

The benefits of using our time-saving virtual assistant service include:

Our Company

  • We provide a managed service and have an ongoing relationship with you to ensure you get the best out of your VA
  • We listen to understand what stage you’ve reached and the support you are looking for
  • We take you through the matching process
  • Our selection process means we’ve done the search & sift process for you
  • Information or introductions which might be helpful for you
  • A bank of skills from other team members you can draw upon
  • Back up support for when your VA is on holiday
  • More ‘hands to the deck’ for multiple projects or as your company grows
  • Training sessions for our VAs to share good practice and learn about key cloud-based tools
  • Comprehensive legal documentation and adherence to industry standards
  • Our review process ensures we can adjust our service as your company requirements change

Your VA

  • You Bay Tree VA becomes a key part of your team:
    • Someone you can delegate to with confidence
    • Meaningful point of contact for your clients/customers and suppliers
    • A sounding board to clarify and stimulate thinking on day-to-day issues
  • Your Bay Tree VA is not just ‘virtual’ but can meet for briefings or accompany you to events
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