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Bay Tree VA and 42 Technology

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Dr Jon Spratley, CEO of 42 Technology, looks back on his partnership with Bay Tree VA.

In the four years that our Bay Tree VA has worked with us, the value of the flexibility and adaptability has been a huge asset to both me personally as CEO and the rest of the team.

Back in 2018, our BTVA came onboard to help with client relationships and business development. Over time, we were able to use her skills in other areas of the business such as HR and sales support, particularly helpful when there were workload pressures on individuals or we were recruiting and needed a resource to bridge the gap and keep some continuity going. As a small team we have to wear many hats.  Sometimes there are too many hats and not enough heads! It’s at those pressure points when a Bay Tree VA can really make a difference.

Advice for someone considering a Bay Tree VA?
The relationship is key. A Bay Tree VA is matched very carefully but then it’s important to build a relationship in line with the culture of your business. Our Bay Tree VA, was definitely considered part of our team. Also, experiment with different tasks and ways of working. This is a real advantage over recruiting into a specific role. At 42 Technology we were able to move our Bay Tree VA around the business maintaining efficiencies and supporting the team in many different ways.

42 Technology today
In 2022 we have rebranded and the business goes from strength to strength. Business travel abroad is slowly returning which is, in my view, crucial to our continued success. We now have a full time HR advisor in place and I am confident that the most recent hire in our sales team will be another great asset to the business. Having had our Bay Tree VA over a four year period we have had time to constantly evaluate the structure of our team and identify where we need to recruit and shift resources which has proved extremely beneficial.

Dr Jon Spratley, CEO

42 Technology

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