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The pandemic will have forced the brakes on projects and growth for some. Equally, it will have provided new venture opportunities for others and has certainly accelerated the growth of start-up businesses, particularly in the tech sector.

The typical entrepreneur starts a business based on their own competencies – essentially what they know, and getting it done the only way they know how. As the business grows, juggling day to day operations, as well as making those aspirations become a reality, is a challenge.  One of our clients is a business coach working with start-ups. He recently commented “Much of what an entrepreneur wants to do remains in their head. Some people never get the right support around them and unfortunately they over trade which can cause a business to fail”.

The key to long term success is organising, planning and choosing the right systems to support your day-to-day operations. Starting as you mean to go on will give you an advantage, particularly when you reach a tipping point with expansion and need more resources and support on a larger scale.

In short, you’re either not ready or do not want to employ an assistant but you need assistance.

Our VAs also have the benefit of working with other businesses so have a good background knowledge of streamlining and getting the best from cloud based tech.  Our VA Louise concludes “As soon as you start to build a bit of trust and demonstrate your understanding, things begin to shift and that’s a great feeling for both parties.  It can take time and a bit of patience but the outcome for the client is that they are better at running their business.”

Download our ‘Starter for 10’ offer and see how it can support your business and get you off to a flying start.

Starter for 10 offer details
Starter for 10 offer details
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