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Getting the most from Microsoft 365

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Today, there is an app or software that can help us do just about any office-based task. It takes just minutes to subscribe to a free trial or a pay a modest sum for a basic subscription. If you accomplish what you set out to do, you then need to share the software, know how and process with the rest of your team if there is any chance of consistency across your business.  Managing the administration, updates, payment plan, files created and tutorials in order to get the most from the software then falls to… well who?

Microsoft 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, with 1.2billion individual users. The original office suite launched in 1991 – 30 years ago.  

Jane was recently invited to host a briefing on the developments in office-based tech, in particular Microsoft Office 365, to a group of executive personal assistants whose employers form part of the Cambridge Network. In particular, Jane was interested to learn to what extent companies were using the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

“We immediately think of Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and assume that everyone in the organisation is familiar with at least the basics, but businesses are missing a trick,” suggests Jane. “Quite often the solution is right in front of us, literally. MS 365 has capabilities that far exceed what our day to day task list demands and some intermediate or advanced training opens up some very efficient working practices. The advantages of maximising your subscription using more of the apps within the suite, are obvious.”

Both Jane and Bay Tree VA, Helena, covered most of the apps included in the basic Microsoft subscription and discussed their usability and functionality compared to other software. For example:-

  • Planner – if you want to create task lists, assign tasks, set deadlines and share project information
  • Power Automate – for efficiency, create work flows to file emails in Outlook or share regular content in Sharepoint
  • Bookings – internal or external, link this app with your Outlook calendar and encourage your team to book your 1:1s without the need for a string of emails
  • Sway – consider as an extension of Powerpoint for slick sales presentations, content for your website, social media or newsletters
  • Use Teams not only for online meetings but to share content such as emails. This vastly reduces the volume of email traffic and enables teams to discuss content together

BTVA Helena is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Master with extensive knowledge of the Microsoft 365 suite, particularly Word and Excel.  Not only does she provide training for businesses but also has a passion for problem solving and finding solutions when clients are faced with a particular challenge or need advice when choosing the right software or app.

“Many people are self-taught and only ever learn as much as is needed at a particular time.  It is easy to stray into other applications and software without first exhausting the existing subscriptions you are committed to. Microsoft products won’t be the answer to everything, but satisfy yourself that you’re maximising its capability across your business before introducing something new.” Good advice from Helena.

If you need training across the Microsoft Office 365 suite or think you could be making more of the features available within your annual MS subscription, do get in touch. We can arrange bespoke 1:1 or group training sessions either online or face to face.

When the MS 365 suite isn’t the answer and you need to implement new systems and/or software, again please let us share with you our knowledge and experience before you invest time and money. Project managing a roll out of new tech is another key area where we can help – making sure everyone in your business is set up, trained and confident to embrace the change. For further information contact Fiona, email

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