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Keeping your best talent in 2024 – creative ways to show you care

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The so called Great Resignation that followed the pandemic tipped the balance in favour of the employee and in 2024 employers are having to work hard to make their companies worth working for, enticing and retaining top-tier talent. The HR media and business commentators are all citing employee retention as the biggest challenge for employers in 2024.

In the quest to distinguish your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), an unconventional partner could be a virtual assistant (VA). Virtual assistants work remotely to provide a flexible, productivity resource to senior managers and business owners.  

“As a fractional style of resourcing becomes the norm, there is more opportunity for creativity in your employee retention strategy,” suggests Jane Cattermole, founder of Bay Tree VA. 

Claire Angus is Head of Recruitment and Account Management at Cambridge Network: “In our ongoing communication with members, we’ve discovered numerous challenges, especially among HR and Talent contacts, primarily focused on attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market. The idea of incorporating a VA as part of a company’s EVP is intriguing. We are taking this concept to our member peer groups for discussion.”

Here are three ways a VA can enhance your retention strategy, providing a resource without increasing your headcount:

Promoting a work life balance

Recent insights from Forbes concluded that the best leaders are those who can ‘switch off’ completely from their work to recharge. Often, the reluctance to take a break is through fear of what they may return to. Someone being productive and keeping an eye on things in their absence may be the comfort needed to make the change.

Rewarding employees for their hard work

This would seem obvious but how can it be done in a meaningful way? Consider the benefit of a VA taking various aspects of a role, whether short or long term, to free up your employee to do something that means a lot to them – learning a new skill or volunteering perhaps.

Support wellness

We can’t all work at 100% all of the time. Life throws challenges at us that are often completely unrelated to work but impact our performance. Consider a VA as the multifaceted work buddy, not only bridging the productivity gap but also offering support as a back up while your key employee gets back on their feet.

The cost of a VA solution against the resignation of a key member of staff, or long term absence as a result of stress or other mental health issues is favourable and of course, flexible. Virtual Assistants have productivity and flexibility as their primary purpose and come with a skill set and level of trust which suits the provision of care as well as the practical tasks they are willing to tackle.

For further information email or contact Brigette. Thank you to Cambridge Network for partnering with Bay Tree VA for this article and research.

This article first appeared in IQ Magazine, Cambridge February 2024.

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