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“I want to present a more professional image to my clients and prospective customers”

You may be a small company but your clients are large organisations. You want to reassure them that not all the work sits on your shoulders and that you have a team on hand, working with you. We can be that friendly, knowledgeable member of the team who fields enquiries until they reach a point where you need to get involved. This can take the role of a PA or customer service, answering initial enquiries, completing paperwork for suppliers or sending out marketing information that forms part of your sales process.

We can research information and also help you portray a professional image with your written material. You don’t need to spend time grappling with the formatting of report documents, proof reading, creating flowchart diagrams or designing your PowerPoint slides. Make use of our skills to present your company in the best light.


happy client

“The assistance we get from Bay Tree VA helps our company look blue chip”Managing Director, Artisan Food Consultants

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Where do we start : let’s talk

Jane Cattermole
Founder & Managing Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

Where do we start : let’s talk

Lisa Hamon
Business Development

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