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“Struggling with email overload?”

Your inbox is just a landing site for tasks and information. Just clearing your inbox doesn’t mean that those tasks get done! It is time consuming keeping on top of email traffic. Let us help to sort and prioritise your emails. We can pull out those tasks and key pieces of information into a To Do list so tasks can be assigned and it is easier to manage what needs to happen, by whom and when.


Happy Client

“...sitting in Sardinia having an enjoyable holiday which has been possible due to the fantastic part of the team our Bay Tree VA member has become; highly valued by us all.”Managing Director of Leadership & Executive Coaching Consultancy

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Jane Cattermole
Founder & Managing Director

Get in touch and let us know what you need assistance with. We’ll suggest how we can help, what tasks we can take off your hands and a way forward.

Where do we start : let’s talk

Lisa Hamon
Business Development

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