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Bay Tree VA and AlphaBio Control – a sustainable relationship

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Since 2012 Cambridge based AlphaBio Control has used the services of Bay Tree VA to help grow and shape their business.

AlphaBio Control is a British/Italian company with its headquarters in Cambridge and principal commercial office in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia. It is committed to sustainable, low impact crop protection and was founded by Iain Fleming, Chief Executive and Dr Alfeo Vecchi, the company’s Research Director, in 2011.

“At the outset, our main business focus was on research and commercialisation; bringing novel, patented crop protection products to market. We wanted to have a tight-knit team in the UK which was able to adapt to our needs, whilst saving us from the responsibility of employment. We achieved this by using Bay Tree VA for our back-office support. This has been incredibly important in being able to meet the organisational demands of our rapidly growing company with a low overhead cost base” comments Iain Fleming.

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At that time, Bay Tree VA itself was a relatively new business. Founder, Jane Cattermole, had enjoyed working as a successful PA in London and set up a team of virtual assistants to provide a calibre of assistance to SMEs and entrepreneurs usually associated with blue-chip companies. She knew that having a trusted assistant to delegate to left clients free to take their business forward.

The AlphaBio Control and Bay Tree relationship continues today. Sally Budden is the company’s Director of Corporate Affairs and started supporting Iain and AlphaBio in 2014 as a Bay Tree VA.  As the company grew, Sally became the linchpin that ensured the smooth daily functioning of the company, incorporating HR, IT security matters and corporate governance. 

“There came a tipping point when it made sense for Sally to join AlphaBio full-time.” reflects Jane. “Although not a recruitment agency, we recognise that being open to and facilitating this shift can extend and strengthen our relationship with clients. This has certainly been the case with AlphaBio.  We continue to provide VA support to other areas of the business.  By being flexible, our brief is varied and always evolving. It can even result in the odd trip to Italy which is a great opportunity for the VAs involved.  

AlphaBio Control were an early adopter of the Bay Tree model as a long-term resource partner rather than a short-term fix. AlphaBio Control is one of the many success stories from Cambridge over recent years, receiving the Queens Award for Innovation in 2021.  I am very proud to have this long association with AlphaBio Control.”

To read more about the continued success of AlphaBio Control visit If your business is looking for a flexible resource, Bay Tree VA could be the answer, email

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