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Will you get to ‘switch off’ this summer?

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With articles about digital detoxes, FOMO (the fear of missing out) and books such as Catherine Price’s How to Break Up with your Phone, it’s not surprising that devices can turn holidays into a working day in a more exotic location. With warmer weather enticing us out of the office, it is important to recognise the benefit of truly switching off. It helps us to regain perspective, feel re-energised and to see business with fresh eyes. But in order to switch off, you need peace of mind and to find that you need to have a trusted team around you. If you are working on your own, now is a good time to think about how you can truly switch off on holiday:

  • Do you have someone to delegate to?
  • Who will look after your e-mails?
  • What will happen to your phone calls?
  • Who will be a point of contact for queries?
  • How will new business enquiries be dealt with?

It’s not too late to make adjustments so you can enjoy your break and the wheels of your business will keep turning. Whether that’s:

  • Introducing a Bay Tree VA into your business
  • Getting telephone answering holiday cover
  • Improving systems with cloud software, so information is more widely shared in your team
  • Empowering an existing colleague to be back-up for when you’re away
  • Having a partner arrangement with a contact or associate, so you can act as a back-up for each other.

When we set up our own businesses we can forget that we are in charge of our time.  We don’t need permission to have time off, but sometimes it can feel like that, so we have to say to ourselves “it’s OK; I’m allowed to take a holiday”!

If you really can’t go ‘off grid’, limit when you are on-line. Let those holding the fort know that you will check in say once a day to answer quick questions or provide a steer on anything urgent.

You started your business to be your own boss. You deserve a holiday and to spend focussed time with your family and friends. So that you can enjoy your time off, you need to have peace of mind that the business is in safe hands. What changes could you implement so you can truly have a restful holiday?

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