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Bay Tree VA has grown up alongside some great businesses that have used our services in different ways. One such company is 42T, a product innovation development consultancy based in Cambridge, started in 1998. Jane Cattermole was introduced to Dr Jon Spratley, now CEO, by a business consultant and there began the partnership whereby Bay Tree provided virtual executive assistant support which flexed and adapted to change over 5 years.

Today 42T employs over 70 people and was accredited with the Platinum award in the 2024 Best Employer regional award scheme. Many of the tasks and responsibilities that were once part of the remit of a Bay Tree VA in the company’s infancy are now absorbed and embedded within full time teams, employed by 42T, such as finance and HR.

“I am very proud of our association with Jon and the team at 42T. Whilst the growth and success of a business can signal a shift in our relationship with resourcing, we understand the business life cycle and how resourcing needs change. That is exactly what makes Bay Tree an attractive partnering option – the flexibility and adaptability” comments Jane Cattermole, founder.

The relationship continues in a different way, almost taking it full circle. Over the past couple of months, Jane has been advising 42T in a consultant capacity on a recruitment project for an employed, on-site executive assistant to support the senior management team.

“I have really enjoyed working with Amy Harrison, HR Business Partner at 42T, sharing my knowledge and insight into the requirements of such a role. The process of recruitment is time consuming and costly so 42T asked for my input to help them make the successful hire and save both time and money in the long run,” adds Jane.

Amy concludes: “When we decided to hire a permanent Executive Assistant, we knew we wanted to call on Jane for her experience, as this was a new full-time role for 42T. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jane; she was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from reviewing and shortlisting candidates to preparing interview questions and providing detailed feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jane again – thank you.”

Bay Tree VA wishes 42T all the very best for the future and continues to be ‘standing by’ for 42T or any business that needs virtual assistant services or executive assistant consultancy. Get in touch today.

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