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International Virtual Assistant Day 2024

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Did you know? Friday 17th May will be the 19th International Virtual Assistant Day sponsored by the Virtual Assistant Alliance. Back in 2006, the third Friday in the month of May was designated as a day to show appreciation for, and raise awareness of, the Virtual Assistants (VAs) who improve the lives of business owners all over the world. Given that a VA is not an employee and often works below the radar in an organisation, an opportunity to recognise their value and say thank you was established. Of course, back in 2006 the role was ‘virtually’ unheard of in the UK but today the sector is thriving, the Society of Virtual Assistants having over 6,000 members.

Katie is a Virtual Assistant with Bay Tree VA with a portfolio of clients: “The relationship between VA and client is a win win – both improving the lifestyle of the other. I really enjoy the flexibility and because Bay Tree has an operations team overseeing the relationship my hours are 100% productive for the client. I will be celebrating International Virtual Assistant Day with a glass of fizz, grateful for the opportunities the role has given me and being part of a great team”

How can you help Bay Tree VA celebrate International Virtual Assistant Day 2024?

Share this post with your network and help us recognise the indispensable support our VAs provide. Acknowledge their dedication, efficiency, and role in driving your business success. This is an opportunity to show gratitude and reinforce their significance in your operations.

If you are yet to experience the value of a Virtual Assistant – what are you waiting for? Get in touch and join the Bay Tree VA community here

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