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Bay Tree VA joins membership organisation network MemberWise

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Bay Tree VA is delighted to become a Recognised Supplier for MemberWise offering an operations and management resource to its 3,000+ member associations across the UK. Members of the MemberWise Network work within professional bodies, trade associations, clubs, societies, regulatory bodies, trade unions, local chambers of commerce, trade unions, and a wide range of other member-focused organisations.

“Bay Tree VA has had membership organisations within its client portfolio for the last 8 years and it is a sector we are keen to support further” explains Jane Cattermole, Bay Tree VA founder. “The value of the VA resource was crystalised during the pandemic when conferences and other face to face events were moved online and communities needed to work harder with their communications to attract new members and retain existing ones.

Though it depends on the size of the membership organisation, many will be managed by a board of directors, usually volunteers who commit several hours a week but don’t have the time to get involved on an operational basis. These roles are often an extension of a passion or cause close to their heart and they want to ‘give back’ to a society or club that has benefitted them or their family. Bay Tree supports that enthusiasm by typically providing a small team of 2-5 VAs that deliver and underpin the day-to-day workings of the association. 

Larger national and international organisations are more likely to use VA services to step in at busy times such as conferences or for a particular project, as well as adding to the general bandwidth for operational resource and skill set.

Since 2022 Bay Tree VA have partnered with and its membership administration software. The Bay Tree team have valuable experience using the JustGo tech and can assist with implementation and training.

Like MemberWise, Bay Tree VA is committed to supporting the membership sector by helping to deliver the best experience and service to their membership. Find out more about the tasks the Bay Tree VA team can tackle here. If you would like to know more about how Bay Tree VA can support your club or association and improve member experience email or book a consultation.

Find out more about MemberWise here.

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