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As a virtual assistant business, Bay Tree VA has seen significant changes in the resourcing market in recent years; substantial changes meaning strategic shifts to continue to be relevant. Remote working during COVID normalised our unique position of having absolutely nailed working from home – the increased productivity, lifestyle balance etc. Following that hybrid working – the best of both worlds (for some) gave organisations further options to move into the agile working space and offer their employees flexible working. The impact on the VA market has been two fold – it has opened up opportunities for more VAs to set up and be an attractive option for business owners, but has also created an almost ‘no limits’ scope of what a virtual assistant can provide.

laptop and heading Fractional working, is it working for you?

Most recently fractional working, especially at senior levels, has come into play. Fractional working refers to a contracted arrangement where individuals work as committed members of the team but for a fraction of the standard full-time hours. This approach is different to an employed arrangement and is more likened to partnering, which allows the fractional worker to balance professional and personal commitments, fostering a better work-life balance. The main benefits to the business relate to productivity and cost. The model acknowledges that productivity is not solely the remit of the traditional 9-5 and as we continue to move to diverse working patterns, this effective time management is a welcome strategy breeding a new type of loyalty as all parties see a balanced benefit.

So where does this all leave the virtual assistant? These huge shifts in resourcing, fundamental changes in the workplace, have led us to prioritising skills – the use of tech and AI, for example, over experience. Whether you consider that to be a good or bad thing will depend upon your point of view but it’s good news for virtual assistant businesses such as Bay Tree VA. The calibre of our VAs and their skills set can be a great match for businesses looking to re-evaluate their current resourcing needs or challenge their traditional team structures.

Our priority is to continue to build a team of VAs who are eager to broaden their skillset and be willing and able to apply themselves to virtually any situation – whether short or long term, as businesses transition to the new ‘norm’.

We are always standing by. Contact Brigette to discuss how Bay Tree VA can boost your productivity and strengthen the skillset in your organisation.

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