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‘Holding the Fort’ – How Bay Tree VA supports membership organisation EES

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The European Evaluation Society (EES) is a membership organisation with up to 900 members and an elected Board of Directors. The current President of EES is Dr Tom Ling. In 2021 the Board made the decision to move the administration and secretariat service from a provider based in the Czech Republic to Bay Tree VA.

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“Our Board is made up of volunteers and time is precious. We need to free up our time to concentrate on moving EES forward and making a difference for members” explains Tom. “We looked at several options and spoke to another membership organisation that had experience of Bay Tree and in the end the Board agreed unanimously to make the move.”

EES uses a team of four virtual assistants to manage the accounts, invoicing, conference administration, membership and projects. One virtual assistant takes on the role of co-ordinator and is the main contact point for the Board.

“The Board appreciates the proactive approach Bay Tree take. Our virtual assistants alert us to potential issues before they become a problem which is very helpful. They have a great understanding of the secretariat function and legalities such as GDPR. It’s the combination of being friendly, accessible and professional that makes Bay Tree a great support to the Board of EES and has improved the overall experience for our members”.

EES uses the JustGo software to manage the membership database and operating system. Bay Tree VA are a partner with JustGo and are trained and proficient in both implementing the system and running the membership on a day to day basis.

Tom concludes “Even though our Board changes every couple of years, we are a cohesive group and well aligned. With a Board made up of volunteers situations can change quite suddenly, perhaps due to work commitments or family illness. Having the Bay Tree VA team consistently holding the fort is a real benefit and can alleviate the pressure.”

For further information on how Bay Tree VA can help your membership organisation click here or email Read more about Bay Tree’s partnership with JustGo.

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