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Bay Tree VA has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant. The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

Commitment to the Covenant demonstrates that Bay Tree is an Armed Forces friendly business and uphold the principles of the Covenant which extend not only to service men and woman but service leavers, veterans, service spouses and partners.

Ex-Army Officer, and Bay Tree VA, Hannah is one service leaver who is particularly pleased that Bay Tree has taken this step.  “I spent seven rewarding years in the Army as a Logistics Officer, and another 10 as a dependant while my husband was still serving.  I have invested a large part of my life in the country’s military and have had to make sacrifices along the way. Finding a company like Bay Tree who recognises that my commitment to Army life has resulted in an unconventional career history and unpredictable geographical stability is a huge benefit.  Companies signed up to the Covenant actively look for the skills and experience we can undoubtedly bring.  They are forward thinking in finding flexible ways to give us future opportunities. I feel really valued as a veteran and supported as a dependant by Bay Tree and other companies who sign up to the Covenant.”

“Companies signed up to the Covenant actively look for the skills and experience we can undoubtedly bring”


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