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In the beginning, with a Bay Tree VA

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One of the questions we are frequently asked is just how working with a virtual assistant gets started, ‘where to begin’. Typically, a new client with Bay Tree will be quite uncertain about the very first steps in the relationship and how they will get the maximum benefit from their new assistant.

We are used to seeing similar traits in our new clients.  In a lot of cases, their businesses have grown very fast and they are trying to manage every aspect of the business themselves.  New clients feel they cannot delegate anything because no one else either understands what needs to be done, or has the level of knowledge that they have.

Louise, a Bay Tree VA explains:

new clients feel they cannot delegate

“I find that just by asking questions and making suggestions I can soon take ownership of some of the tasks and free up my client’s time, explained Bay Tree VA, Louise.  “For example, for one of my clients I recently sorted out a new cleaning company, their contracts and access to the site.  This was really time consuming and not a job that a Managing Director should be spending his time on. As soon as you start to build a bit of trust and demonstrate your understanding, things begin to shift and that’s a great feeling for both parties.  It takes time and a bit of patience but the outcome for the client is that they are better at running their business.”

A virtual assistant’s role has the benefit of being able to bring a different perspective and often better solutions to specific projects or tasks.  “It’s business support but really tailored to the client. If they have built up a stressful workload, we break the cycle gently. No one feels like they are giving away control.  The more communication and dialogue the better, time taken at the outset is time saved later on.”

Jo Schofield, founder of ISWS Ltd comments:

“I was very sceptical at first.  I didn’t feel like I could pass any work over in case something went wrong or I missed an important piece of information. I felt I should handle everything myself. I soon realised I was working with someone who cared about my business as much as I do. Not only can Louise turn her hand to anything, she has experience or an idea for a better way of doing it. Louise was only with me for a few hours a week but made a huge difference.  I was able to concentrate on my new business and spend valuable time with my team which is so important.”

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