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Crossing the pond, virtually of course

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We are delighted to extend our services to the USA and welcome Green America to Bay Tree.

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Green America is a not for profit organisation founded in 1982 and based in Washington DC.  Its current membership stands at 250,000 American citizens, who share the organisation’s passion for a more sustainable and fair society.

One of the many Green America strategies for success is through collaboration with industry and it has developed a Center for Sustainability Solutions. The centre is made up of networks of initiators, influencers, innovators that drive change through a particular sector, such as farming or electronics.

So where does Bay Tree fit in?
One such network is the Climate Safe Lending network (CSL) which is made up of diverse bank stakeholders from across North America and Europe. The network is collaborating to transform the global bank lending system to align with a goal of staying well below a 2°C global temperature increase by 2025. Bay Tree VA, Lizzie, has been appointed Project Administrator for the network, working closely with one of the Executive Directors based in the UK.

Lizzie adds “I am the first point of contact for the network which is going from strength to strength. We have just completed our first online event and my role was to secure speakers, attract delegates and prepare all the necessary comms to make the event a success.

Introducing Capsule as a CRM tool for the team to manage the event and their contact base generally has been a huge step forward. I am confident with Capsule and could see the advantages of getting a system in place. Also, the network is keen to develop their presence on social media. Since November last year we have been concentrating on a strategy for this.  The next step is to stage a forum for discussion with access via the network’s website.  I am working on this looking at Discourse or Website Toolbox as the preferred software. These projects are time consuming and need a dedicated resource so they don’t slip down the priority list. I work to deadlines set down by the network team and my hours flex with workflow. Whilst my knowledge of global banking is limited, I’m learning so much.  CSL are working at the highest level to bring reform to the financial sector around the world, it’s fascinating and I’m enjoying being part of it.”

Jane comments “To secure our first US based client is exciting in itself but for this to come in 2021 gives us a particular boost of confidence. It demonstrates that our service and the level of expertise our assistants provide, is robust as a business model. Aside from that, Green America has a culture and values that Bay Tree is very proud to be associated with.”

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