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Catch up with Jane, Winter 2022

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Happy New Year!  If January is an indication of how the year is going to be, we’d better hold onto our hats! Before coming back to a busy start, it was good to take time at the end of 2021 to reflect on the previous 12 months and all that we have achieved at Bay Tree. Our team continues to grow with experienced organisers and coordinators. We have seen a significant increase in enquiries from clients who live and work in the UK but for companies that are based abroad. 

We have also successfully extended our range of services to include online conference and event management, marketing services and HR consultancy, as well as being able to create a team of VAs to service larger clients, in addition to offering the more traditional single VA approach. 

As well as an update of Bay Tree news, Spinning Plates provides some useful information and tips for better working practices and use of technology.  Check out the article about digital waste and using MS Teams to reduce email traffic in your business.  We are trialling this ourselves at Bay Tree with some positive results.

Managing Bay Tree I get the chance to work with great people – clients, suppliers, contacts and of course, the team of VAs who, not only support our clients, but also help me run the business. Special thanks to John Burroughes who contributed to our recent edition of Spinning Plates.  Most recently, Louise Harbidge has joined the management team as co-ordinator for the VAs. Fiona Portway continues to be the main point of contact for our clients and new enquiries, email

As always, thank you for your continued support. I hope 2022 brings health and prosperity to all our clients and contacts in the Bay Tree community. 

Best wishes, Jane 


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