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Full Circle – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

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I was recently asked the question “Have you achieved what you set out to achieve when you set up Bay Tree VA?” Well, that got me thinking on a blustery February afternoon.

Back in the 1990s I was working in London. Employers and employees were very conditioned at that time. The public sector may have been dabbling in flexitime and a generous boss would generally let you leave early for an appointment, but the inflexibility was a challenge.  Women in particular often had to squeeze their dreams into something dictated by their personal circumstances.  Personally, I craved some informality in these corporate environments whilst still doing a demanding yet fulfilling role, where your efforts were appreciated.  At that time, I was very conscious of all these things and knew that any business model for my VA company needed to address them.

At Bay Tree VA we celebrate our successes, both at work and home, in equal measure. We protect our family time and yet ensure we give the best service to our clients too.  Equally, we want our clients to work smarter and afford themselves a better balance between work and home.  Our VAs come with impressive experience, usually from the corporate sector but it can also be from setting up businesses of their own.  Matching a VA with an entrepreneur who juggles family life with running her business is particularly rewarding and we want to do more of this.  

International Women’s Day for me is about choice in today’s society. I hope that I can continue to give those who choose to have their own successful careers and financial independence that opportunity, whether as a VA themselves or as a client of Bay Tree, who can depend on us to give them the support they need to achieve their dreams.


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