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Project management tools – consider ClickUp

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With remote working now the norm, the need for a management tool that can organise, coordinate and manage tasks across a team has never been greater.  At Bay Tree we are a great advocate for Not only do we recommend it to clients, we use the system for managing our business and have specific ‘boards’ for our business development, HR and onboarding new clients. We find Monday intuitive and the support accessible. It was easy to set up and can be customized to suit our management team and VAs.

However, in recent weeks it has been very interesting to hear from a client who is a fan of ClickUp, another management solution and competitor of  Leigh Mitchell runs her property portfolio using ClickUp. Both Leigh and her BTVA, Carol, have been very impressed with how easy ClickUp is to use.

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“I’ve used a few different paper-based systems, spreadsheets and apps to try to manage my endless ToDo lists.  When I found ClickUp it was a game-changer and everything fell into place. I love it!  A key benefit is that it is possible to organise everything so it makes sense to me; everything is customisable. It took a few days to set up the structure of how I wanted to categorise things, and to type in all the current tasks that needed to be managed. It is a powerful tool so there was a bit of a learning curve but I found it mostly intuitive and I was up and running fairly quickly.”

Leigh then set up a ClickUp profile for Carol and invited her to access the relevant ClickUp ‘space’ so they can both work on tasks without duplication. Carol adds “We are learning together how best to use the system to share work and pass messages back and forth. We know exactly who is doing what which makes for an efficient working relationship.”  

User experience is, of course, key to the success of implementing any system.  Identifying how a system is being used in a business similar to your own particularly from a size of team perspective is really important. Taking advantage of free trials is a good idea but still an investment in time. We recommend that you do your research at the outset. We found this comparison guide for the Top 5 Project Management Tools which you may find useful if you are looking to invest in something for your team

Many thanks to Leigh for sharing her experience with ClickUp.  The team at Bay Tree can give you some really useful tips and help you with training and getting the maximum benefit from many of the management tools available so do get in touch at

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