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Preparing for COP26

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October 31st is just around the corner. Whilst many of us will enjoy a spooky, scary Halloween experience for fun, some real frighteners are likely to come from COP26 – the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, which will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November.

Close to Glasgow 
Beautiful Brig o' Turk, The Trossachs

The nature of our work at Bay Tree means that we work with a diverse range of businesses and thankfully, sustainability and ethical working practices have moved higher up the priority list for our clients. We have also seen an increase in clients directly involved and committed to change, making an impact and inspiring others to do the same. Climate Coalition (based in the UK) is one such organisation. Climate Coalition has over 22million members and has compiled an action plan to present to the UK Government at COP26.

“This November the UK will be hosting the biggest international summit our shores have seen in a generation. The event will see world leaders and negotiators from around the world descend on Glasgow. The outcomes decided there will play a critical role in tackling climate change over the coming decade and beyond.” Ben Margolis, Climate Coalition.

Read the Climate Coalition action plan for Glasgow here.

Bay Tree is, of course, very proud to be associated with such organisations and will be taking a keen interest in COP26 and the outcomes for our future.

(Image: One hour from Glasgow. Beautiful Brig o’ Turk, The Trossachs)

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