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Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

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How many of us vowed at the beginning of the new year to spend less time working and more time relaxing with family or pursuing hobbies and interests?

January always seems a difficult month to start a new plan. The days are short, the weather dull, Christmas has dented the bank balance and so our positivity can be really low.

Rather than make hard and fast resolutions from 1 January, one approach more likely to succeed is to resolve to prepare to work less hours from say, 1 March. Use these cold and dreary days to make the changes necessary to make it possible.

Where do you start?

In the next few days jot down what you are doing each day; the tasks you find yourself involved in, meetings, document preparation and decision making. Ask yourself how some aspects of your workload could be broken up and delegated to other people.  Start small, delegation means giving up an element of control which you may find difficult. 

Make a list of niggles and aspects of your working day that frustrate you and think about what you can do to overcome these.  It might be that you are always the last person to leave the office in the evening and be responsible for security. Does organising the office socials always fall to you? Every business is different but often it is down to habit that a business owner is under pressure.

So, your analysis is well underway. Once you have established some tasks that could be delegated, automated or managed in a different way:-

  • Consider the skill set and existing workload of your team.  Who is best placed to help?
  • Discuss with your team what you are trying to achieve and invite them to help you
  • Don’t be tempted to take the tasks back if there are teething problems. Stick with it and if new ways of doing the same task come to light, be prepared to accept it – it’s time to let go!
  • Keep in the loop. Delegation isn’t abdication of responsibility so remain interested in progress
  • Don’t be tempted to delegate and not communicate. Explain why these tasks are important and how grateful you are that they are being taken care of
  • Calculate the time you are reclaiming and protect it by leaving the office early or arranging to do something you enjoy

March will be here before you know it and we all have some catching up to do when it comes to holidays and socialising with friends and family. We hope these tips encourage you to get your work life into shape so you are able to spend more time doing want you really enjoy in the Spring. If you’re ready to delegate and your current resources are already stretched, speak to us.  Contact Sign up for our regular newsletter here.

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