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How Bay Tree VA came to the rescue of a drowning business owner

When Mark first spoke to Bay Tree, his situation was very similar to many other business owners who have managed to successfully grow their business, develop a young team, maintain a healthy client base nationally and manage their own workload.

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Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

January always seems a difficult month to start a new plan. The days are short, the weather dull, Christmas has dented the bank balance and so our positivity can be really low. Rather than make hard and fast resolutions from 1 January, one approach more likely to succeed is to resolve to prepare to work less hours from say, 1 March. Use these cold and dreary days to make the changes necessary to make it possible.

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In the beginning, with a Bay Tree VA

One of the questions we are frequently asked is just how working with a virtual assistant gets started, ‘where to begin’. Typically, a new client with Bay Tree will be quite uncertain about the very first steps in the relationship and how they will get the maximum benefit from their new assistant. We are used […]

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