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Keeping your best talent in 2024 – creative ways to show you care

The so called Great Resignation that followed the pandemic tipped the balance in favour of the employee and in 2024 employers are having to work hard to make their companies worth working for, enticing and retaining top-tier talent

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‘Holding the Fort’ – How Bay Tree VA supports membership organisation EES

The European Evaluation Society (EES) is a membership organisation with up to 900 members and an elected Board of Directors.

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How Bay Tree VA came to the rescue of a drowning business owner

When Mark first spoke to Bay Tree, his situation was very similar to many other business owners who have managed to successfully grow their business, develop a young team, maintain a healthy client base nationally and manage their own workload.

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Full Circle – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 with Jane Cattermole

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Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

January always seems a difficult month to start a new plan. The days are short, the weather dull, Christmas has dented the bank balance and so our positivity can be really low. Rather than make hard and fast resolutions from 1 January, one approach more likely to succeed is to resolve to prepare to work less hours from say, 1 March. Use these cold and dreary days to make the changes necessary to make it possible.

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Preparing for COP26

October 31st is just around the corner. Whilst many of us will enjoy a spooky, scary Halloween experience for fun, some real frighteners are likely to come from COP26 – the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, which will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November. The […]

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Get off to a flying start with Bay Tree VA

The pandemic will have forced the brakes on projects and growth for some. Equally, it will have provided new venture opportunities for others and has certainly accelerated the growth of start-up businesses, particularly in the tech sector. The typical entrepreneur starts a business based on their own competencies – essentially what they know, and getting […]

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Get the most out of your Cloud Software

All organisations have systems and processes which shape the company and are geared to ensure it runs smoothly. Choosing the right combination of tools and getting to grips with the software can feel overwhelming. Cloud software applications have been developed to be cost-efficient, accessible and intuitive but which to go for? Well, start with the […]

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Quickfire with Jane on running a business

As featured in the Suffolk Director magazine – Spring 2021 edition – How do you engage and motivate employees and keep them?Appreciate their contribution. Keep them in the loop about developments and have regular ‘keep in touch’ calls or 1-2-1s, to check how things are going and find out what’s happening in their world. How do you […]

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